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LMP Thunderbolt 2 cable, 1 m  (N°d'article:61177)

CHF 55.00 seulement (incl. TVA)

pièce(s)  1/4

Compatible to Thunderbolt 1 and 2, 10 / 20 Gbps, black

Intel and Apple approved
Thunderbolt 10G & 20G compatible
10 Gbps bi-directionally
Dual-protocol support (PCI Express and DisplayPort)
Compatible with existing (Mini) DisplayPort devices
Full speed regardless of cable length
Supports 4K video transfer
Low latency with highly accurate time synchronization for professional audio and video applications
4K display capabilities via DisplayPort 1.2
Daisy chain use with up to 6 Thunderbolt devices

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 LMP Thunderbolt 2 cable, 0.5 m 49.00
 LMP Thunderbolt 2 cable, 3 m 69.00

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