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LMP NexGen Alu Keypad  (N°d'article:59378)

CHF 50.00 seulement (incl. TVA)

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• 21-key wireless (Bluetooth) keypad for easy and fast working with figures, tables, calculations, spread sheets, etc.
• Aluminium upper cover with black key matches perfectly any MacBook Air or MacBook Pro
• Keys 0-9, operation keys including “=“-sign, decimal keys, clear/numlock, tab, delete forward, delete backward
• Supports Mac OS X and Windows OS (including full function of “=“-sign by individual country setting)
• Scissor-type membrane keys for high comfort typing and reduced typing tiredness
• Broadcom 3.0 Bluetooth chipset
• Bluetooth wireless technology for convenient wireless access to any Bluetooth-enabled computer, no dongle or driver installation required
• Lightweight and easy to carry along with your laptop

 LMP Bluetooth Keypad 2 50.00

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